Percodan Addiction Symptoms

Percodan Addiction Symptoms

Percodan is an opiate drug that is used in the treatment of chronic pain in patients. The drug works like a double-edged sword in that it can suppress pain for an individual, as well as cause problems to those addicted to it.

When a person takes the drug for a long time, they may develop a dependency that may cause them to increase their dosage for the drug. When the drug is taken in sufficient doses, the patient may experience an enhanced euphoric state.

For this reason, many people use the drug for recreational purposes. Recreational users of Percodan usually inject a crushed solution of the drug into the blood stream or they may snort a crushed tablet through the nose. Whichever method used, the drug will quickly cause the euphoria to set in. When the drug is taken through these means, the person may overdose and may eventually die if proper medical care is not taken.

Physically,addiction to Percodan causes many problems to the user. The addict may develop dry mouth and chapped lips. They may also develop muscle spasms, especially after the effect the drug has on the body has started wearing off. Breathing will become a major problem for an addict.

Percodan Addiction Symptoms

They may breathe shallowly and with a difficulty that may cause some of them to die. The eyes are the greatest tell-tale signs of an Percodan addiction. The eyes may become reddened, or the pupils become dilated to line pinpoints. The person may also have problems with their digestive system, characterized by constipation and excessive diarrhea.

Mentally, an addict may be very unstable nodding in and out of consciousness is a common problem. This nodding is caused by a lack of focus in the individual’s brain. The person also becomes detached and depressed, and they may not be interested in many of the activities that they might have been doing initially.

An addicted to Percodan may also become increasingly drowsy and disoriented when they are not on the drug. A Percodan Addiction may also lead to frequent blackouts where the person just stares into an empty space and will not remember a moment of the black out.

The person also becomes emotionally detached from family and friends. Their main preoccupation will be the drug: using it and getting their next dose. The person may also be taking the drug often in order to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay, which can be very traumatizing. Since the addicts may not be able to function without the drug, keeping a job will be a major hassle for them. Since drug addiction is an expensive habit, some of them may resort to crime and other negative behaviors in order to get the drug.

An addict addicted to Percodan will not care about their health or safety. Often you will find them in unhygienic states. Some of them may also be found performing risky operations, like driving or operating heavy machines. Their personality may also change and they may start picking fights more often. This may cause them to lose relationships or friendships that they may have had.

In the end, addiction to Percodan may cause serious problems to the abuser, including failed kidneys, decreased heart rate, collapsed veins, and liver problems.

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