Percodan Addiction Treatment

Percodan Addiction Treatment

Percodan is an opiate drug given to patients who experience severe pains caused by internal injuries or any other pain in the brain, spleen, intestinal tract, or skeletal muscle.

Percodan contains two main ingredients: aspirin and oxycodone. Percodan is increasingly becoming a more potent substitute for morphine since it does not have the side effects associated with morphine use.

Percodan is increasingly being used for recreational purposes, with many of the people who are prescribed the drug using it for much more than pain relief. When the drug is abused, there is a great risk for the user to become addicted to Percodan. The pills for the drug can be snorted through the nose after crushing, or they can be dissolved in water and injected into the blood stream of the abuser. When injected, the drug quickly brings a euphoric effect to the abuser. Abuse of the drug increases the likelihood for the abuser to overdose on the drug.

When the user sights the physical and mental impacts of the addiction, they may want to quit. Abrupt stoppage of taking the drug will cause withdrawal symptoms to the abuser. The major withdrawal symptoms for the drug addiction include pained joints, diarrhea, vomiting, and rapid perspiration. If the person abusing the drug makes a conscious decision to stop the drug abuse, they can do so only under a treatment program or in a treatment facility (800-303-2482).

Percodan Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Percodan abuse requires a comprehensive treatment of the physical and psychological effects of the drug. The main available options for treatment include behavior therapy, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive treatment approach to Percodan abuse. The person abusing the drug is kept in a facility together with other people with the same problem. The key in finding a good facility is looking for a Christian or a charity treatment facility. The voluntary or Christian facilities will help an abuser get over their problem without charging too much money for the same service found elsewhere. The patient is isolated so that they focus on treatment without outside influences.

All activities taking place in the facility are monitored such that the schedule of the addict is known and monitored. Instead of the voluntary facilities, an abuser might opt for the luxurious treatment facilities with amenities like horseback riding and swimming. Whichever facility chosen, the key is the therapy that will be offered in these facilities.

An outpatient treatment program is another program that a Percodan addict may pursue. This program schedules therapy sessions at the treatment facility for the addict. The therapy sessions can range from once a day to once a week, the frequency, however, decreases with time, as the patient gets better. The person will be better involved in their own treatment since they will be away from therapy and will be more exposed to the trigger factors for the addiction to the drug.

An addict can also choose to go to a cognitive behavior therapy session. These sessions will help the addict get over the triggers for the drug abuse. The patient is helped to identify the triggers for the addiction problem. The sessions may also be coupled with other treatment programs, such as medication, to combat the withdrawal symptoms from the drug abuse.

No matter the program that a person may choose to get rid of their addiction problem, the most important thing is to focus on the treatment program and be concerned about staying healthy; otherwise, even the most expensive treatment program will not help them get over their addiction problem.

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