Percodan Addiction Withdrawal

Percodan Addiction Withdrawal

Percodan is one of the most abused prescription drug used in the treatment of pain. The drug affects the central nervous system of the abuser and causes a feeling of euphoria. When used for a long time the drug may create a physical dependency and eventually it may cause addiction.

Some people also use Percodan as a recreational drug. Most of them crush the drug and snort it, while some even mix the crushed pill with water and inject into the blood stream.

This is a very dangerous thing to do. Percodan is a slow-releasing drug, when the tablet is crushed, the drug will be released in greater proportions to the body, and this may lead to an overdose and eventual death. Stopping a Percodan drug addiction is a very hard thing to do.

This is because of the agonizing withdrawal symptoms the person may experience. Percodan is not an exception when it comes to the withdrawal symptoms of drugs. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are severe and will set in after continual non-use for more than one week.

Percodan Addiction Withdrawal

Symptoms of Percodan Addiction:

Emotional Instability: The addict may not be able to control their reactions. Since the Percodan drug affects the central nervous system, when it is suddenly stopped, the functioning of the system might slow down considerably or may even increase. When it increases, the person becomes very irritable. They may become angry and experience mood swings. These are usually the first signs of withdrawal from Percodan.

Mental Instability: The person is not able to function without Percodan in their system. They may develop an anxiety that comes about because of the preoccupation with the drug. Hallucinations then set in; the addict may experience visual and hearing hallucinations. Often, you may find the addict conversing with himself or screaming uncontrollably.

Sleeping Problems: The person may experience sleeping problems at night, a condition called insomnia. During the day, the person experiences heavy sleeping or lethargy in the head.

Gastro Intestinal Problems: When a person withdraws from Percodan Addiction, they may experience abnormal bowel movements. Constipation is one of the symptoms and it occurs because lack of the drug causes excessive absorption of water from the intestines, especially in the small intestine. Diarrhea may also occur, although it is mostly rare. A patient may also suffer from a loss of appetite. Nausea is another withdrawal symptom from Percodan Addiction and may lead to vomiting.

Physical Symptoms: The drug withdrawal may cause pains in the joints. In addition, the addict may also develop severe headaches. The person may also experience fever chills and tremors. Addiction to the drug and subsequent withdrawal may also cause sweating, flu-like symptoms, and problems with the respiratory system.

Withdrawals from Percodan Addiction is a long process that is marred by a lot of difficulty. It is important that if a person wants to quit the drug, they should do so under the observance of a medical practitioner (800-303-2482). It should never be done at home because the withdrawal symptoms may cause death.

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