Side Effects of Percodan Addiction

Side Effects of Percodan Addiction

The drug Percodan is a semi-synthetic analgesic drug that is composed of oxycodone and aspirin. It has narcotic characteristics that are similar to other natural narcotics such as heroin, meaning that it has high potency and addiction effects.

The only difference of this drug from the illicit kind is the structure and duration of its effect. Many of the addicts start using the drug for legitimate reason of controlling pain, but over time they develop addiction to the drug.

The addiction effects can take as little as 14 days to develop depending on the amount of the drugs the taken. Sustained abuse of Percodan can result in severe side effects.

Side Effects Related To Percodan Abuse

Many of the side effects that come as a result of using opioids develop after using this drug. These symptoms include gastrorenal tract problems such as bloating and gas, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Disturbance of the gastrorenal tract system leads to poor functioning, hence resulting in poor health. Other conditions include an upset stomach, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and headaches. All these conditions lead to deterioration of an individual’s health.

Side Effects of Percodan Addiction

Mental Effects Related To Percodan Abuse

The thinking ability of an individual is also affected with continued use of Percodan. They look agitated, drowsy, dizzy, and show elated feelings. The addicts become highly excited after taking the dose, but the excitement falls over time. When the dose subsides, they become irritable. The drug also induces unusual sleeping habits. Addicts fall to sleep in mid-conversation, or even while standing. The rate at which the brain responds is greatly slowed down. This can be seen in the performance of an individual, especially in work that requires fast mental ability, such as learning.

The balance of the addict is also affected. They become unstable and stagger while walking as a result of euphoric effects. Talking ability varies from one individual to the other. There are some people who begin talking a million-miles a minute while others stammer and struggle to make a full statement.

Allergic Reactions Related to Percodan Abuse

The side effects of Percodan Addiction are no exception to including allergic reactions to Percodan. Among the common allergic reactions that may arise as a result of taking Percodan are airway constriction and airway obstruction. This makes breathing difficult. The condition is especially escalated by taking the drug in combination with depressants. The patient becomes incapable of acquiring an adequate oxygen supply.

The skin may also develop itchy rashes and hives as a result of taking Percodan. The mouth, face, tongue, and lips may also swell as a result of taking the substance. The allergic reaction that occur in an individual are unique to individuals and the level of addiction. In many cases, people who have been taking the drug longer are the most affected.

Physical Health Effects Related To Percodan Abuse

The physical side effects of Percodan addiction include reduced vision, bloodshot eyes, slow heartbeat, yellowing of skin or eyes, shallow breathing, seizures, fainting, weird behaviors, unstable posture and staggering, pinpointed pupils, muscle stiffness, tightness in the chest, severe exhaustion, and more. Again, the effects vary from person to person.

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