What Is Percodan?

What Is Percodan?

Percodan is a pain medication that is used to treat severe pain in patients. The drug was first sold by a company called DuPont in 1950, but is currently being manufactured by Endo pharmaceuticals. The drug is normally administered in the form of a pill that is yellow in color. The drug is packaged with different doses to treat different cases.

It contains two main ingredients, namely, oxycodone and aspirin. The oxycodone in Percodan makes it more prone to be abused, and most doctors would prefer to prescribe to patients less addictive alternatives, although it is still being prescribed in many hospitals.

The drug is mostly prescribed in case of an accident or a surgical operation. Percodan will help treat mild-to-severe pain in the short run for most patients. However, the drug may also be prescribed to cancer patients to treat chronic pain. The drug dosage is one tablet for every six hours.

The drug is never prescribed to people under the age of eighteen. When you are taking the drug it is important that you do not combine it with any other drug, especially alcohol, because the effect it has when combined is usually lethal to the abuser.

What Is Percodan?

The FDA ranks Percodan as a category D pregnancy drug. This essentially means that when pregnant mothers take it, there is a possibility that it will harm the unborn child in the womb. When the child is born, it may exhibit withdrawal signs such as drowsiness and heart or chest problems. When the drug is taken while the mother is nursing a baby, chances are that the drug will pass through the breast milk to the child and thereby harming him or her. Any mother or expectant mother who is using the drug should consult a doctor before they harm their unborn child.

The Percodan drug was ranked as a schedule-two drug under the uniform-controlled substance board of the USA. The schedule is normally on a 1-5 basis, with a schedule-five drug having the least possibility to be abused, while a schedule-one drug will have the highest probability of being abused by patients.

The Percodan drug is highly addictive and when a dosage has ended, the doctor will not prescribe a refill, but will instead resort to another pain treatment drug to avoid Percodan addiction problems. However, addicts usually find their own medicine through the black market, which is especially big in the USA.

The drug alters the person’s mood while it is carrying out the task of killing the pain in an individual. This is one of the greatest addictive attributes of the drug. The drug is usually addictive and a patient may become addicted after continuous use for only three weeks. When used for some time, the person may also develop a tolerance to the drug, leading them to increase the dosage without consulting a doctor. Abuse of Percodan will eventually lead to addiction and that’s why it is a common problem for a person to take Percodan over an extended time period and a person should not be ashamed of admitting they have a problem.

Side effects of Percodan drug addiction include sweating, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heartburn, and mild nausea. A person may also develop bowel problems and ulcers. When the drug is prescribed to a person, it should be stored in a cool and dry place away from children or any habitual addicts.

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